Outpour comprises eight voices from all around the greater Seattle area. Their live performances emphasize community and self-expression, and sets are designed to deliver a diverse collection of pop, R&B, jazz, and nostalgic tunes that the audience is sure to delight in. Each song is arranged by one of their very own talented members, but they need your help! In the aftermath of the pandemic, several “bite sized” arrangements were developed in an effort to showcase individual voices and personalities, and now it is time to adopt a full song. The problem is, Outpour can’t decide which song(s) should be pursued as full-length pieces - this is where you come in! 

The Decision is sure to boast an intimate and fully interactive musical experience. Throughout the show you will have the opportunity to answer trivia questions about the group and their members, but most importantly, you will get to vote for the song that Outpour arranges for their repertoire next. This is also Outpour’s debut solo event, in which they will perform multiple songs for an audience for the very first time. A unique event you won’t want to miss - only fifty tickets are available, so buy soon! 

The Lab in Georgetown has a (free!) parking lot. Get there early to snag a spot and a seat - doors open at 2:40pm; show starts at 3:00pm. See you there!